Sankt Peter

Our holiday town is located in idyllic Schanfigg valley. In the early middle ages, hemp was cultivated in the valley, and part of the valley's name indicates that. St. Peter (or "Sankt Peter" as we say in Switzerland) lies at an elevation of 1,253 metres and is located approximately 20 km from Chur, the capital city of Canton Grisons. Chur is easily reached by car, the Rhaetian Railway, or the regular post bus line. On January 1, 2013, St. Peter became part of Arosa municipality and comprises several hamlets and small villages. Outside from St. Peter in the direction to Arosa is a petrol Station located.

In the village general store, which offers the very first shopping possibility in the valley (previously, St. Peter didn't have any general store), you can buy pretty much everything you need, including food and provisions and equipment for your planned excursions.

Tourist Attractions & Leisure Activities

The beautiful church with its steeple - which in medieval times used to be a defensive tower - has first been mentioned in old documents dating from 831 CE. Towards the end of the 16th century the village's official language switched from Rhaeto-Romanic to German, and it also joined the Reformed Church. Until the beginning of the 21st century, St. Peter was the administrative seat for the rural municipality Schanfigg Valley.

After Arosa proper, St. Peter has nowadays developed into the valley's second most important tourism centre. The skiing areas are spread out across some 20 square kilometres and particulary offer families ideal skiing possibilities. If you'd rather visit in summer, you can explore the valley via numerous hiking trails (e.g. the Schanfigg High Altitude Trail).
Beside that, various events take place in the valley and nearby regions, for instance the Humour Festival or the Jazz Festival.

Our holiday flat is in any case suited as an ideal base for your holiday in Switzerland. Discover St. Peter in summer and in winter

Township sign of St. Peter
View towards Tschiertchen
Chair lift in Hochwang skiing area
Alpine ibex sculpture beside the road
St. Peter's post office
View in skiing area Hochwang
St. Peter's general store
Restaurant at Hochwang valley station
Visit the church
Hiking trail signs to Pagig and Fatschel
Train Station St. Peter