We rent out our holiday flat at moderate prices.

Extra charges added to all prices:

  • Final Cleaning CHF 140.00
  • Security Deposit CHF 150.00
Season Type Time Period Price
Summer Season

29.06.19 - 28.09.19
27.06.20 - 26.09.20

CHF 95.00 per day
Winter Season

01.01.19 - 27.04.19
21.12.19 - 18.04.20
19.12.20 - 10.04.21

CHF 130.00 per day
Shoulder Season 27.04.19 - 29.06.19
28.09.19 - 21.12.19
18.04.20 - 27.06.20
26.09.20 - 19.12.20
CHF 80.00 per day


Belegungskalender Belegungskalender

Terms and Condition

Booking Conditions:
The pricing includes:

  • bedclothes, additional charges, towel for dishes, 1 * towel per person and week, usage of the internet via WLAN


  • Advanced payment: At booking time 50% of the total price via bank transfer
  • Payment: Final payment has to happen 4 weeks in advance before you start your holidays
  • When you are not keeping to the deadlines, your booking is not valid with us
  • When you make the booking less than 4 weeks before you are arriving, you have to pay the total amount of money at the day where you book the chalet. A payment at the arrival day is only possible when you are bringing the total amount in cash with you.
  • When we have more than one request in parallel for the same period of time, the person who is fulfilling our booking conditions first will get the reservation

Cancellation Conditions

You can cancel your booking with us by mail or e-mail. It is crucial that you ensure that you cancellation reaches us. If you decide to cancel, we levy the following cancellation charges:

  • Up until 43 days prior to rental commencement: 10% of the total rental fee
  • 42 up until 29 days prior to rental commencement: 50% of the total rental fee
  • 28 up until 2 days prior to rental commencement: 80% of the total rental fee
  • 1 day prior to rental commencement: 100% of the total rental fee

Terms of use

  • You are treating the rooms and the equipment carefully
  • The equipment which breaks or gets lost during your holidays needs to be replaced by yourself. The tenant is obliged to announce all shortages and damages which are occurring during his stay immediately.
  • Pet are not allowed
  • The money for the end cleaning has to be deposit after your stay in the chalet.
  • The security deposit will get the tenant back after he returns the keys.
  • Arrival: From 4 pm
  • Departure: Till 11:00 am


  • Internet Access via W-LAN
  • The beds are covered at your arrival
  • When you are arriving with your car, you are allowed to use the parking lot.

Terms of Use about usage of our Internet access via WLAN

1. Terms of Use about usage of our Internet access via WLAN

The landlord runs in his rental object an internet access via WLAN. The landlord gives the allowance to the tenant that the tenant can also use the internet access via WLAN. The tenant doesn’t own the rights to allow 3rd persons to use the internet access via WLAN.

The landlord is providing the WLAN service without any warranty for the actual availability, suitability or reliability of the internet access. The landlord has the right at every time to allow others to use the internet access in parallel. The landlord can limit or exclude the access of the tenant partially when the tenant is using the internet access or the tenant has used the internet access in case of any violations against law. The landlord has also the rights to limit the access to dedicated sites (e.g. glorification of violence, pornography or chargeable sides in common).

2. Access Data

The usage is enabled via access control. A tenant is not allowed to give the access data to 3rd parties. In case the tenant would like to allow 3rd parties to access the internet, he has to ask the landlord in advance and in written about it. The 3rd parties have to identify themselves. The 3rd parties have to explicitly accept these terms of usage. The tenant is obliged to secure the access data. The landlord has any time the rights to change the access codes.

3. Vulnerability of the WLAN-Usage, Disclaimer of warranty

The WLAN only enables the access to the internet. Virus protection and firewall services are not available.  The data transfer within the WLAN network is not security enabled. The possibility exists that your data can be reviewed by any other parties. The landlord is not responsible for virus attacks, Trojans or Worms which can damage your device through the WLAN network. The usage of the WLAN is at your own risk. For damages at the digital media of the tenant which are occurring through the usage of the internet access, the landlord is not taking over any responsibilities. 

4. Responsibilitys and Release of claims

For the data transferred over the WLAN the tenant is responsible. The tenant is taking over the responsibility for the usage of chargeable internet sites and signed acts in law. The tenant is visiting chargeable internet sites or is signing in other commitments in the world wide web, the tenant has to take over the costs. He is obliged that he is using the WLAN within the actual law, especially for the following points:

  • Usage of the WLAN is not allowed to distribute or download illegal content/ immoral transactions
  • The tenant cannot copy or distribute or make accessible of  copyrighted material; especially this is valid in the context of file sharing programs
  • The valid protection laws of young people needs to be followed
  • The tenant cannot distribute or send any pestering, backbiting, or threatened content to others
  • The tenant cannot use the WLAN to send and to distribute SPAM mails and/ or others forms of illegal advertisements.

The tenant releases the landlord of the chalet from any claims and any damages from 3rd parties which are getting impacted from a misusage of  the internet access through the tenant or which are not in line with this agreement. This is also valid for any regression or any protection which the landlord has to do due to these violations. When the tenant sees such violations, he is informing the landlord about it immediately.